Breaking the Cycle 2017 is in the books and it was a success!  A good day was had by all despite the weather!

​​​Our Mission

​According to statistics reported by the public school districts in the United States there are 3.5 million students attending our public schools which are homeless--this number has doubled since 2008 and makes and makes up 1 in 30 of our student population.  That is nearly one homeless student per classroom, per school, per school district, per state.  There is a common misconception about the population of homeless in the U.S. which is comprised of 37% families.

​A Hand Up Foundation was created to establish/support programs which are evidence-based in helping alleviate this societal ill, as well as provide support for short-term solutions such as outreach and shelters.  Transitional housing, student oriented educational programs such as tutoring and mentoring, skills training for parents, and assisting in alleviating transportation issues are our primary focus.

​You too can be a part of the solution in one of three ways: Speak up and share with others, volunteer in a program in your community, or donate financial assistance.

"A single man standing before a tidal wave of indifference can make a difference!"